Shorthanded Bulls hand Cavaliers another road loss, 100-84

“You keep trying to guess, what is it for us on the road? You have to play with some grittiness on the road, you have to execute your game plan, you have to share the ball and do a lot of little things that equate to team stuff,” Brown said. “We didn’t do any of that starting in the first half with our inability to defend the right way.”

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Bond Managers Gain as Pension Funds Flock to Catastrophe Risk

Reinsurance protects primary carriers from the biggest risks, and pension funds are attracted to the business because of its low correlation to equity and bond markets. They can invest directly in the securities or allocate funds to specialist asset managers, such as Nephila Capital.


Southern 100 sidecar death was misadventure

Mr Thomas, a gardener who lived at Ballasalla, had been thrown from the outfit, making contact with the wall at the side of the road, a boulder in the hedge and a utility box at the side of the road. Two witnesses told the court how they had witnessed Mr Thomas ‘barrel rolling’ down the road.


VIDEO: Salmon poacher netted after posting clip on YouTube

Appearing before Bournemouth magistrates, Cook, of Patchins Road, Poole was fined £175 and ordered to pay £300 costs after pleading guilty to using an unlicensed net to catch salmon and sea trout on the River Sherford in contravention of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975.


China central bank signals faster tempo for freeing yuan

However, there was little evidence of any new found freedom for the yuan in trading on Wednesday. On the one hand, the central bank set its daily fixing for the starting point of yuan trade at a record high, but dealers said open market gains were checked by state-run banks selling the currency, probably on behalf of the central bank.

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